Open Gardens 2018
Open Gardens is now over and a big thank you to everyone who visited or volunteered.  If you want to know the quiz answers, then read on !

These questions/clues have been gleaned from walking around the streets named and spotting house names, signs, or other local information. They are not necessarily in order since most roads could be approached from two directions.  Some roads are intersected by others, creating the possibility that you may have to walk up and down the road to find the answers to all the clues.  However, if you take the most direct route from one garden to the next you should spot the vast majority (but not all) of these answers without detours. If you don’t find them all don’t worry - it’s meant to be a bit of fun to make the walk between gardens even more interesting. 

Back Lane
1. Do you have a lovely vista from here?
2. A good source for cricket bats perhaps.?
3. Do they rear crustaceans here?
4. Definitely not a winter venue.
5. A place for corporal punishment?

School Road
6. This place of reading is closed today but what time does it open tomorrow?
7. From these do mighty oak trees grow.
8. It's Latin for Holly. What is it ?
9. Number 17 has a date.

High Street
10. Where silkworms live.
11. What time will the next collection be from this red box?
12. How many stops are there here?
13. If the slipper fits it must be .....
14. Where does the no-through road lead?
15. I break my journey at this small house.
16. The denizens of Watership Down live here.
17. What do they serve over 18s in the garden of this place? 
18. Which animals are forbidden from entering the Village Hall?
19. Keep this lady near after going north west on the number 90.

Chantry Grove
20. Who makes these British Standard metal discs?

Witham Rd
21. What creature blows with the wind near the speed monitor?

Arbour Lane
22. Do civil servants live here?
23. Old fashioned kitchen surfaces?
24. Was there a forge here originally?
25. Where Rupert Bear lives.

Blacksmiths Lane
26. They used to make swords and ploughshares here.
27. Discover your origin down this thorough-fare.
28. There’s a stone in the centre of this fruity building.
29. Does the aristocratic poet tee-off here?
30. Who did this bench commemorate?

Church Lane
31. You would expect to drill for water in this road.
32. Attractively old-fashioned habits at this house?
33. A congregation of senior monks.
34. Would Cinderella park her carriage here?
35. What bowlers aim at.

Wellands Close
36. Where the chicks hatch.

Tiptree Road
There are no clues beyond Birch Green en route to Quilters. There are no footpaths so keep your wits about you.
37. Where the progressive English architect might have built a road. 

1. Fairview House
2. Willow House
3. Crabbs Farm
4. The Summerhouse.
5. Birch House
6. Library 2 p.m. Monday
7. Acorns
8. Ilex
9. 1976
10. Mulberry Tree
11. Monday 4:45 p.m.
12. One Stop.
13. Cinderella's
14. Poney Chase
15. Halfway Cottage.
16. Warren's
17. Beer
18. Dogs and horses
19. Constance Close Witham.
20. Wrekin
21. Cockerel on weather vane
22. White Hall
23. Pine Tops
24. Blacksmiths Cottage
25. Nutwood
26. The Old Forge
27. Roots Lane
28. Cherry Hall
29. Byron Drive
30. Les Turnbull
31. Wellands
32. Quaintways.
33. Abbotts
34. Coach House
35. Wickets
36. The Nest.
37. Mackmurdo Place
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